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14 benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping is one of the most crucial things people do nightly. Getting enough sleep, and even the right amount of sleep come with a lot of both health and beauty benefits, and not getting adequate sleep becomes a serious issue in a number of countries all over the world.
Did you know that you could reap additional benefits by just sleeping without wearing clothes? So, why sleeping naked is good for you? The first and foremost benefit that everyone can realize is less laundry, right? Yet, it does not just stop that, but beyond, there are a lot of benefits of sleeping naked that you may not hear about. Just take a look at the check list below to see scientific proven benefits of sleeping naked . Some information in this entry is referred from Huffingtonpost and Cosmopolitan.

14 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked – Why Sleeping Naked Is Good

14 amazing benefits of sleeping naked
14 amazing benefits of sleeping naked

1. It Makes Your Lower Area Cleaner And Healthier

It is said that sleeping without wearing panties on could help improve the healthier environment for the girly part of women. An excessively and close-off warm environment is a perfect setting for the development of yeast infection, so by airing it out, you could naturally prevent infection.
For men, sleeping naked will cool down their testes, thereby giving you a perfect environment for keeping the sperm healthy. This also explains why those men sleeping naked often have higher fertility rate.

2. It Makes Your Sleep Better

Wearing daily sleepwear plus with a bunch of blankets might be bad for your own sleep cycle. The body temperature is believed to drop in order for a human being to get into the optimum sleeping state, meaning that clothes and blankets may increase the temperature and disrupt the cycle of sleep. After all, it is no good. That is why one of the most noticeable benefits of sleeping naked is to help sleep better.

3. It Is Easier For You

Of course, when putting pajamas on your body, it means you have more work to do: you have to take off clothes, pick out the jammies and put them on later.
That may make you like a lazy person, yet sometimes, it is also better for your wallet. You do not have to purchase pajamas.

4. It Makes You Feel Younger

In fact, it helps slow down your aging process significantly. When you sleep, you release the growth hormone, which is a natural anti-aging substance), and when your sleep is disrupted because of excessive warmth, then you process less of this hormone, and age faster.

5. It Reduces Your Stress

Another one in this list of health benefits of sleeping naked is stress reduction. Sleeping without wearing clothes will be more comfortable for you and that also explains why you feel better. As you sleep soundly, your stress hormone named cortisol will be decreased.

6. It Boosts Your Confidence

This sounds rather irrelevant to sleeping naked, but it is. When you sleep naked, you are more aware of your own body, which is a good thing. That is the reason why walking naked alone in your house does not bring to you an embarrassment. It feels empowering and sexy (I did and truly felt that), which in turn will boost the confidence and self-esteem levels.

7. It Helps Improve Your Relationships

If you sleep naked next to your partner, your oxytocin level will increase. Oxytocin is a so- called “love hormone”. When it gets the highest levels, it can boost pair bonding, thereby you and your partner will love each other much more.

8. It Triggers More Frequent Intercourse

Well, this benefit is too obvious and is a wonderful secondary effect of enhanced oxytocin. According to researchers, those people who released the higher levels of oxytocin tended to enjoy stronger orgasms and also had more engaging physical intimacy life than those who do not. It means not only more intercourse, but better experience of physical intimacy.

9. It Helps You Get Through The Summer More Easily

Of course, it is too easy-to-recognize, when it comes to benefits of sleeping naked during summer. Most highly populated countries experience temperature bursts during the hot season. So, if you continue sleeping naked during that period, then obviously you will not have to experience hot flashes that are not often seen in those non-menopausal women and men.

10. It Revs Up The Metabolism

One of the lesser known benefits of sleeping naked is an improvement of metabolism. It is because sleeping in the cooler environment will let the human body produce healthy fat, thereby increasing metabolism. As many studies carried out by scientists worldwide showed, those people who sleep in a chilly room tend to produce more brown fat – the healthy fat stored in the neck which burns the calories to help generate body heat. Sleeping naked also produces the similar effects.

11. It Helps Reduce Your Belly Size

In regard to benefits of sleeping naked, not many people acknowledge this one. If you chose sleeping in the buff, then you could decrease the fat around your stomach area, and even reduce your cholesterol. Why? According to the Huffington Post, the human body cools down at night, enhancing the growth hormones whilst simultaneously lowering the cortisol levels, which in turn will result in healthy sleep patterns. And, the good quality sleep would be comprised of two cycles:
• 1st: the body recuperates with lower cortisol levels
• 2nd: the body works to increase these levels in preparation for the upcoming day so that you will have energy when waking up
If your sleep is disrupted due to uncomfortable pajamas, then your own body will naturally manufacture more cortisol than normal, which in turn will catalyze your appetite.
So, that is why sleeping naked can help reduce your belly fat in a specific way.

12. You Will Feel Less Hungry When Waking Up

Similar to the reasons explained in the benefit above, high levels of cortisol will increase your appetite. That is why when sleeping naked, you can lower the amount of cortisol within your body, so you will feel less likely to need a midnight snack / a dessert in the middle of the next day, helping increase the effectiveness of weight loss as well as weight management.

13. You Will Not Have To Take A Shower In The Morning

If you are like me, who hates having to wake up early to take a shower in the morning due to sweat produced during the previous night, then sleeping naked is a good idea for you.
When you do not wear pajamas, you will stay cool during the night, drastically boosting the likeliness of a good day the next morning.

14. It Helps Your Skin

There are a lot of benefits of sleeping naked you can reap, and the undeniable benefit that girls love is better skin. When sleeping without clothes on, your body can breathe, including your armpits, private parts, and feet – these are parts popularly covered by many layers, even in the summer time. By giving these parts an opportunity to breathe and air out, you could lower the potential risk of skin problems such as athlete’s foot, that result from restricted, wet skin.
With these great health and beauty benefits of sleeping naked in mind, I hope that you will start taking off your pajamas tonight. Of course, there are times where putting clothes on should be carried out, like when you are getting cold. However, consider the right thing to do for your better life.

Source: http://wikinutri.net/health/14-amazing-benefits-sleeping-naked


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